Making Sure it’s Right

Testing software components at a functional level is not limited to the specification and implementation of test cases. The more complex and costly the test function, the more important universal testing tools and experience with complex situations and systems becomes. At Intenta, we have the necessary skills, equipment, and software to test our software extensively.

Our fully equipped test vehicles include the ability to collect, record, or generate global data or reference data, etc. to be used for measurement. At the end of each run a test report is generated. This report is detailed and systematic, allowing our developers to quickly and efficiently optimize and  further develop the operation of the software component.

Our Competencies

  • Construction and equipping of test vehicles
  • Specification and implementation of functional and non-functional test cases
  • Data management and processing of real retracted/acquired sensor raw data
  • Labeling of data/reference data
  • Result validation using reference data from high-precision sensors
  • Automatic report generation

Our Tools

  • EXAM
  • RapiCover von Rapita Systems, www.rapitasystems.com
  • DOORS®, in-Step®
  • ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework)
  • Python