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Jobs at Intenta

Sensor Systems

We develop intelligent 3D-vision sensor systems for industry, retail, security and health care applications.

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Automotive Software

The development and testing of software components for driver assistance and navigation systems is our speciality.

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Individual Systems Solutions

We offer customized software solutions for your application and cost efficient annotation campaigns.

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Intenta GmbH

We are a software development company headquartered in Chemnitz, Germany - with branch offices in Ingolstadt and Hamburg. In addition to developing and marketing our own products in the field of automated detection/recognition of people and objects, we put our expertise to work as we partner with leading companies on large projects. 

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Intenta looks back on results from three years of developing a varied reality

The 3D vision sensors from Intenta now enable the analysis of customer behavior on large sales areas. With the help of multi-sensor tracking, the customer journey can be seamlessly recorded in the entire shop.

As member of the Chemnitz Automated Driving Alliance Intenta - together with FDTech, BASELABS, NAVENTIK and Fusion Systems - will be at the ASAM Conference 2019 in Dresden on the 11th of December.

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