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Intenta expands smart sensor range to include retail specialist.


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In the current issue of Autoland Sachsen, our authorized officer Dr. Heiko Cramer reports on how Intenta has been able to maintain work under Corona conditions and with the help of home office.

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The year 2020 has presented us all with new challenges that we hardly expected. We would like to thank our team, our customers and partners all the more for the solidarity and the mutual trust in these extraordinary times. We wish you all happy holidays!

We celebrate Chemnitz 2025!

Chemnitz is an important part of our history and our philosophy and we are convinced of the city as an industrial location, lighthouse for future technologies, center of life and of course as European Capital of Culture 2025!


The software development team of Intenta reached a new milestone in our automotive safety projects: We were able to grant our customer an ASIL-B approval for an algorithmically complex software component without any restrictions, while fulfilling all safety-related tasks required by ISO26262.


With COVID-19, new security precautions for the day-to-day business challenge stationary retailers. With intelligent 3D sensor technology, Intenta offers a solution to keep an eye on the exact number of people in the shop, thus providing more security for customers and staff.

Press Clippings

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