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We celebrate Chemnitz 2025!

Chemnitz is an important part of our history and our philosophy and we are convinced of the city as an industrial location, lighthouse for future technologies, center of life and of course as European Capital of Culture 2025!


The software development team of Intenta reached a new milestone in our automotive safety projects: We were able to grant our customer an ASIL-B approval for an algorithmically complex software component without any restrictions, while fulfilling all safety-related tasks required by ISO26262.


With COVID-19, new security precautions for the day-to-day business challenge stationary retailers. With intelligent 3D sensor technology, Intenta offers a solution to keep an eye on the exact number of people in the shop, thus providing more security for customers and staff.

Intenta looks back on results from three years of developing a varied reality

The 3D vision sensors from Intenta now enable the analysis of customer behavior on large sales areas. With the help of multi-sensor tracking, the customer journey can be seamlessly recorded in the entire shop.

As member of the Chemnitz Automated Driving Alliance Intenta - together with FDTech, BASELABS, NAVENTIK and Fusion Systems - will be at the ASAM Conference 2019 in Dresden on the 11th of December.


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