Intenta S1000 people counter

With the Intenta 1000 people counter Intenta adds a true specialist for people and customer counting to its intelligent sensor portfolio.

The functionality of the Intenta S1000 people counter is based on the stereo vision concept and the proven algorithms of our multifunctional sensors (S2000/S2100) - specially fitted with the essential features for counting applications. This makes it an easy to integrate and at the same time cost-effective option for people counting and dwell-time measurement.

Application areas reach from the retail sector (waiting queue management,  recognition of movement patterns and points of interest, ...) to applications in public areas (visitor counting at major events or museums, ...).

Just as our whole sensor product range - the Intenta S1000 guarantees high personal data security through integrated image processing. The storage and transmission of personally identifiable information is not necessary. The sensor is easily configurated via web-interface and can be integrated to existing systems via API. On request we provide our xcount statistics software for detailed visualisation of all sensor data. 


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Kundenzählung, Besucherzählung, Kundenfrequenzanalyse, Personenzählung, Kundenzähler, Besucherzähler, Personenzähler

People Counting

The Intenta S1000 is the perfect solution for precise visitor statistics and visitor stream analysis. Even partially concealed people and changing light conditions are nor problem for the Intenta S1000. The sensor even distinguishes between adults and children.

Heatmap Kunden Laufweg-Ermittlung, Personenzähler, Kundenzählung

Dwell-time Measurement & Behavioral Analysis

With the Intenta S1000 you can measure the dwell-time and behavioral patterns of your customers und visitors. Use this information to evaluate the success of your point-of-sale actions or to optimize your shop concept.


Heatmap Kunden Laufweg-Ermittlung, Personenzähler, Kundenzählung

Waiting Queue Detection

Another application for the Intenta S1000 is the detection of waiting queues at the checkout counter or entrances. With the automated signal of the sensor additional staff can be requested.

Technical Data

Power Supply Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) Dimensions (L x W x H) 132 x 91 x 35mm
Power Consumption max. 5W Housing Aluminium & Plastic
WiFi optional Configuration & Firmware Update via Web-Interface
Mounting Height 2.50 - 5.0 m Protection Class IP 20
Ethernet 1000MBit, RJ45 Required illumination 5 Lux
Logical Protocols IPv4, TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP, DNS, 802.1x Weight approx. 350g