PerMon prevent

PerMon prevent

For maximum Safety in your Radiation Therapy

When you install and use PerMon prevent you are in compliance with current laws and regulations in the field of radiation protection and you will ensure maximum protection of your employees. PerMon prevent is a smart sensor system that monitors safety-critical areas.

If people other than the patient are in the room before the start of radiation therapy, they will be recognized by PerMon prevent and the radiation will not be engaged.

PerMon prevent only allows radiation therapy if the patient remains in the radiation protection area.

Additional Information

PerMon prevent

  • Is compatible with all current types of environments
  • Works reliably even in unfavorable light conditions
  • Is 100% made in Germany

Continuous activation and deactivation processes are preventable with PerMon prevent and belong to the past.


PerMon prevent reliably detects persons and their position in the monitored area. The information can be used to ensure that no other people are present at the start of radiation in the radiation protection field.


  • Increased safety
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Use of advanced optical sensors
  • Reduction of organizational workload
  • Minimized downtime with low-maintainance system
  • Compatible with all common facilities


The PerMon prevent-system is connected via a floating contact with the safety circuit in the radiation system. This interface is adapted to existing systems and can be retrofitted any time.

With the installation and use of PerMon prevent you meet the latest legal requirements and ensure your employees maximum protection.

Technical Service Intenta GmbH

PerMon econtrol

PerMon econtrol

The smart sensor system for future-oriented energy management

The operation of ventilation systems in painting facilities can be very energy intensive. There is a great potential for savings: but the savings must be balanced with a goal of ensuring 100% safety for all people working in the facility. As a response, our engineers have developed PerMon econtrol:

PerMon econtrol can be used in long-range and/or branched plants. Several sensors can be interlinked with each other, allowing any angle to be analyzed reliably. The processing of the image data is basically conformed for data protection, as the transmission or storage of image data is not required.


Additional Information

PerMon econtrol

  • Power activation and deactivation processes made unnecessary
  • Is compatible with all current types of enclosures
  • Works even in low light conditions
  • Includes automatic dirt and debris recognition
  • Expandable to automatic fall detection


Using PerMon econtrol the ventilation system turns on automatically when a person enters the corresponding area. When the person leaves the area, the ventilation system is switched off. The system can be extended for other applications, e.g., integration of a fall detection. In such a case, a message is issued (via SMS, etc..).


  • Energy saving up to 80% -> Caring for the environment
  • Ensure the safety of employees
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Minimize downtime with low-maintenance system
PerMon data trade

PerMon xcount

Manage information in commercial spaces

Want to know which path customers use to move through your business and in which areas they reside longest? Use our visitor flow and dwell-time measurement to optimize your human resource planning, customer service and advertising campaigns. Be inspired by accurate and reliable data, to obtain new retailers for your shopping center!

With PerMon xcount from Intenta you always have an overview of relevant visitors, in real time.

Additional Information

PerMon xcount - Key facts at a glance

  • Counting accuracy of 98%
  • Precise evaluation to the second
  • Several sensors can be combined
  • Robust construction allows use in demanding environments
  • 100% made in Germany

The PerMon data sensor system determines the number and the length of stay of persons. It differentiates between adults and children. The dimensions required for this differentiation threshold are defined individually. Regardless of the structural and light conditions, the counting is done with an accuracy of more than 98%. This precision is possible because the sensors use innovative algorithms that process high-resolution video images in real time. Our customers have diverse functions. By adding modules PerMon xcount may be expanded anytime. Intenta GmbH offers customized solutions for your application. Talk to us!

Demand-oriented functions

  • Reliable detection of individuals within groups
  • Flexible design of the detection and counting ranges
  • Stable counting even with atypical movement behavior
  • People detection at different levels (e.g., on a staircase)
  • Distinction possible by individually definable persons sizes
  • Suitable for privacy-critical applications

Real-time operation

    • The current count is readily available
    • Presentation of live count data using analysis software
    • Backup through continuous internal storage

Have we piqued your interest? Then talk to us!

Installation & Maintenance

  • Easy to install
  • Self-diagnosis of dirt and concealment
  • User friendly web interface allows quick remote configuration
  • Maintenance free, automatic self-calibration
PerMon data for public Institutions

PerMon xcount

Use in public places

PerMon xcount can be used in museums or other public places. This application provides answers to questions like:

  • How many visitors were interested in which exhibits?
  • On what days and at what times of day was the largest number of visitors recorded?
  • At what positions you can use your staff to best effect?
  • How many people stay in front of a new exhibit, and for how long?
  • Museums
  • Palaces/Castles/Monasteries
  • Churches
  • Libraries
  • ...
PerMon data for bus companies

PerMon xcount

Detection of high-precision data

Are efficient operation and use of resources important to you? We support you with PerMon xcount in the active optimization of transport networks, cycle times, personnel and vehicles. Using this information, your company can achieve higher passenger satisfaction, protect the environment, and your business may work more economically.

The key to this is a complete and accurate recording of passenger numbers. Extrapolation from samples belong to the past, thanks to PerMon xcount. Instead, you get accurate data and software for storing and processing it.

Do you want to create facts with PerMon xcount? Contact us!