Customer Analytics

Our sensors are a smart solution for collecting data for shop statistics and are helpful in making improvements to shop design or in measuring the success of point-of-sale campaigns. The sensors provide reliable data for customer counting and for detailed motion analysis, as well as for measuring the absorption rate. The data can also be used to calculate the conversion rate.

Advanced people-counting features

Our advanced people-counting features make retail statistics even more valuable. Undecided customers moving back and forth within a defined area are not counted more than once. Furthermore, employees can be excluded from customer statistics by defining special walking routes. Precise queue detection helps to optimise service quality for customers. Multi-sensor tracking means all data can be collected over a large area, regardless of the size of the shop.





Software partners for data visualisation

Our sensors offer universal API for easy use with common statistics software. If you need analysis software, we will be happy to refer you to our partners who offer solutions for the visualisation of your counting data

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