xcount - statistical software

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PerMon xcount

PerMon xcount offers an efficient, lean system from precise data acquisition to the visualisation of statistics. This includes cost-effective analytical software. Depending on the application, we can provide a customised, needs-based system configuration of hardware and software.

Screenshot of PerMon xcount software for customer statistics
Further information

Key Facts at a Glance

  • Automatic determination of visitor statistics and occupancies
  • 98% counting accuracy of our 3D sensors
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Real-time display of counting data
  • Expandable

Counter Functions

  • Reliable detection of individuals in groups of people
  • Flexible design of sensing ranges and number lines
  • Robust counting, even for atypical movement behaviour
  • Differentiation between individually definable body sizes possible
  • Suitability for privacy-sensitive applications

Installation & Maintenance

  • Low installation costs
  • Convenient fitting of sensors
  • Self-diagnosis and monitoring of sensors
  • Support for remote access
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Platform-independent server application

Data Protection

  • Camera images are processed on the sensor. This means there is no need to transmit or store camera images.
  • Personal IDs are assigned for the internal analysis of walking routes (to avoid multiple counting of the same person, for example).
    • The ID is assigned to a person as soon as he/she enters the detection range of the sensor.
    • The ID is not stored and is discarded as soon as the person leaves the sensing range.
    • An ID can be reassigned again and again and is not uniquely assigned to any person.
  • The system does not collect any personal data.
    • The counting data is completely anonymous, because only the number of persons and the timing of the counting events are stored.
  • Data is transmitted from the sensor to the evaluation server in encrypted form (HTTPS).
  • Access to the web front end of the sensor is protected by an individually configurable password.