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Füllstand, Belegung, Personenfüllstandsanzeige, Füllstand in Räumen, Personenzahl im Raum, Occupancy, Auslastung

Occupancy Management

Capture the people count in your premises or event locations in real time. Our system issues an automatic alarm on reaching maximum capacity, for targeted control of admission for more convenience and safety, for example.

We use this function in the following applications, for example:

Use Case People Counting
Retail People Counting

Sicherheitstechnik, Gefahrenmeldeanlage, Zutrittssteuerung, Bildverarbeitung, Zutrittskontrolle, Vereinzelungsanlagen, Flughafen

Access Control & Tailgating

Intenta sensors allow you to increase the security of your access-control system. In this way, the number of persons in a control area can be determined. It ensures that only individuals gain access to the security area. The system automatically reports any infringement of security rules. In this case, access is automatically barred. Tailgating is also reliably detected and reported as a breach of security. Pictorial documentation of security-critical events is possible.

We use this function in the following applications, for example:

Use Case Bank Foyer

Unusual Behaviour

The presence of persons in an area that can be defined at will can be identified. In this way, the sensor reliably detects whether and how long people spend in the respective area and their position and location. Suspicious behaviour, such as loitering or flash mobs, is reported reliably and automatically. Our sensors facilitate 3D spatial monitoring down to ground level. This means that even people lying on the floor can be detected, such as after a fall.

We use this function in the following applications, for example:

Use Case Bank Foyer

Wrong-Way Detection

Intenta sensors allow a robust detection of people walking in the wrong direction. In security vestibules at airports and in other security-critical areas, people moving in a prohibited direction are reliably detected.

Lost Baggage

Our precise 3D technology allows even small objects to be reliably detected. If an object is set down in the detection area and not moved for a defined period of time, the sensor reports the lost object so that the scene can be checked for potential risks by the personnel responsible.

Use Case Bank Foyer

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Intenta 3D Vision Sensors

Intenta S2100 security has been specifically optimised for use in security-critical areas. Find out more about our range of sensors:

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